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We are an outsourcing firm located in Bangladesh, Asia. We provide some image/ photo processing services using Photoshop. We have a big team support to provide a quick and quality production on Photo editing. YOU MUST CHOICE OUR QUALITY !


We maintain international standard on image/ photo processing services. Our 3 step Quality Control will ensure the 100% quality output for your product images. TRY OUR QUALITY !


We use experienced and professional designers or Photoshop Experts for photo / image processing post production. They will give the real and attractive look of your product images for web use or online business.


We are working for 16 hours a day (8 hours in a shift). Sometimes we may go for 24 hours production (if necessary). So, you can depend on our service. OUR CUSTOMER SUPPORT IS LIVE FOR 24 HOURS.

How we Process ?

Send your Images

Designers will process

Q.C. Team will Finalize

Ready to use now!


We know Everybody want to get a very good service in an affordable price. So we always try to understand our clients' requirements AND try to give the services within their BUDGET ! But, there is no consideration about quality. We believe there is nothing valuable than QUALITY. Quality will increase the customers and business will grow up for the customers demand. So, we try our best to provide a real and professional Image/ Photo Processing Post Production services. Send some FREE trial images and get it DONE before make a decision. TRY US NOW!

Clipping Path Solution

We provide 100% guaranty on Handmade Clipping Path. Because we have the experienced Clipping Path Experts in our studio. Even we are also providing Multipath/ Color Path/ Mutiple Clipping Path services. You must find us 100% professional.

E-commerce Photo Solution

We know how to give a proper solution of a product image to make it ready for web use. So, your e-commerce will achieve the goal when you can show up your product on web with a real and professional look to the customers, Right ? Don't worry ! We will help you on that kind of photo editing.

Photo Editing

Worried about product photography expenses? Don’t worry! Grab your cell phone and take shop product shots and send them directly to us! Our Photo editing team will deep etch and make them look professional in no time!

Retouching Services

We fix the problem of Dust, Scratches, Spots or any imperfection of a photo. Even we provide - Headshot Retouching, Portrait Photo Retouching, Product Photo Retouching, Color Correction, Shadow Making, Model Retouching, Skin tone Retouching..... etc. So specify your problem and get it DONE !

Photo Cut Out Services

We know how to cut out your product from a complex background and to give a very professional look to the product images. You will find us as an expert in photo cut out service. So, get the cut out service from us and use them on web easily.

Product Photo Solution

Our main goal is to provide a right solution of your product images. Sometimes customers may not like to buy your products if you can't show up the product images in an attactive and real look. In that case, we are ready to give a you the solution of your product photo/ images using our Photoshop Experts at our own STUDIO.


Clipping Path

Color Adjustment/ Correction

Photo Cut Out

Jewelry Retouching

Neck Joint

Background Removal

High End Jewelry Retouching

Clipping Path Sample

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