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We are such an Photo Retouching agency or Studio where you can expect your Photo Post Production services. Because, we have a great team support of  Experienced Photoshop Experts. They are always ready to receive your projects and follow the instructions to give you a complete solution on Photoshop services. You know that, BM GRAPHICS BD is offerring a wide range photo editing services for photographers, studios, online retailers, real estate agents to make their product photos look more beautiful and professional with utmost perfection. If you are an online retailer struggling with post production processing of your product photos, our eCommerce Photo Editing team can edit your product images complying with the standards of popular eCommerce platforms like Amazon, eBay and Google Shopping. Also we have a strong production infrastructure with large team of professional Photo Editors and Retouching Experts working round the clock capable of editing of any number of photos within 24 hours turnaround. If you have no idea about our quality of work, then you can TRY us for FREE up to 3 (three) images. We think, once you will be happy with the quality. So, can we expect you as our regular client ? 🙂   


Clipping Path gives you a nice shape of your product you want to cut out exactly. In this way you will get a clean edge of your product when need to remove background to use the product photo anywhere.

We offer all the services you would require and expect from any professional graphic designers including of course Clipping Paths, but also Photo Cut Out service, Image Editing, Image Enhancement, Retouching, Shading and much more !  


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Background Removal and Editing


Worried about product photography expenses? Well don’t worry! Grab your cell phone and take shop product shots and send them directly to us! Our Photo editing experts will deep etch and make them look professional in no time! 

We always use Skilled and Experienced photo/ image editing Experts for your projects. 



Background removal is an essential part to use any specific product photo for web use. If you need to cutout of your product photo then you should learn about Photoshop tools. But maximum times you may not achieve the professional cut out if you are not experienced enough. If experienced then you may not have enough time to spend for the Product Photo cut outs.

So, you can knock us for this type of task. Cause we will use best and experienced designers for for you to ensure the professional look of your product photography with a clean edge of product photo to remove the background. 

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alpha/ channel/ layer masking_Offshore Photoshop Expert- bmgraphicsbd.com


There are many ways to make a masking of your product for a clean cut out process. These layer mask will help you to get a smooth edge of your product as well as any other editing with the product. Some of our clients are wanting to get these types of mask. So, we you will receive a PSD or TIF format file when you need a layer mask of your product photography.

BM GRAPHICS BD fine tune your product images for e-commerce to save your time and money. Our experienced Photo / Image Editing Experts will mask your images manually to extract the product with sharp yet flawless edges and make them look attractive & professional.